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Process optimization

A carefully considered strategy is a must for company growth.Equally important is the need for processes to be streamlined in order to optimise the functioning of your organisation.

This requires investment also in the quality and efficiency of your organisation and a focus on improving your internal processes.

Which processes could be improved?Which techniques are already available?Which approach will really bear fruit?How do you tackle it in practical terms?How do you ensure that the improvements are permanent?Moore's experts will guide you through all the stages of your improvement process.

Initially, we will chart the situation as it is today.We will then help you choose the right approach and ultimately implement it in practice.

LEAN philosophy, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Quick Response Manufacturing, Business Process Management, etc.We will support you not only by helping you to fully understand these principles, but also by guiding your workforce when it comes to their practical application.We share our expertise with you, train your team and guide your organisation through the entire improvement process.

You can also contact us for training sessions or support during the setup, implementation, maintenance and improvement of your (ISO) management system. A management system of this kind ensures that your processes run in a systematic and controlled manner, and that your organisation continuously improves. In this way, you can meet the objectives of your organisation, such as the quality requirements of your customers, the regulations, the environmental objectives, etc.

What can you expect from us?

  • Using a detailed business scan, we analyse your value factors and business processes and determine your strengths and potential weaknesses.
  • We draw up a global improvement plan based on specific actions and visualize end-to-end process charts.
  • Providing advice, training, coaching, hands-on guidance, operating instructions and procedures, we guide you during the practical implementation of improvements.
  • We set up the necessary measuring & control instruments (Key Performance Indicators).
  • We coordinate your tools and systems.
  • We focus on your workforce and organisation as critical success factors.
  • We define roles, responsibilities, authorities and governance.
  • We help you set up your own business process management cell.
  • We optimize your management systems focusing on quality, the environment, prevention, energy, data security etc.Or we devise new systems to ensure that your new way of working becomes an integral and permanent part of your operations.

Experts in various fields and sectors are at your service. Our core competencies are split between 8 fields. Discover how we can support you. A dedicated team for each sector is happy to assist you. Discover our customers.

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Dirk Roelens
Dirk Roelens
Partner Business Consulting
Henk Deprez
Henk Deprez
Director Business Consulting