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Does China still remain an important market fo Benelux businesses

In a more and more globalised world, our activities and those of our clients are transcending the bounds we used to know. This means the objective of guiding our clients in their growth is also going far further than national or linguistic borders. This challenge caused us to make the conscious choice in 2005 to become part of Moore International Limited, a worldwide network of independent but like-minded offices. In 2019, the network chose to change its name completely, now making us proud to be part of Moore International.

At number 12 in the world, Moore International, with its head office in London, is a highly-esteemed global player. The network consists of more than 522 independent office in over 112 countries and employs more than 34,000 staff around the globe. Across the world, the independent members of the international Moore network maintain one and the same philosophy: as trusted, experienced guides, with the same DNA shared across borders, they help entrepreneurs to expand, grow and/or acquire their companies. The members of Moore International hold the same values sacrosanct: genuine care for their clients, passion for their field and for the world of business in general, direct accessibility of key experts in different domains and consciously working to build a strong international community. This is why our clients across 112 countries can count on the same approach they are accustomed to at home.

As a member of the European Executive Committee, Moore Belgium is highly active within this international network. This enables us to guide our clients who are active on the world stage abroad, through partners who we really know and with whom we have built up a bond of trust over the years.

Supporting our clients on their doorstep across the world: "local in a global world"!