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Business runs through our veins, just as it does for our clients.

The brothers Marcel and Frans Verschelden founded Moore Belgium in 1967 and expanded it. After the company split into two branches (Audit and Accountancy) in 1990 and the acceptance of "Verschelden Audit" into the Moore Stephens network, both entities were brought back together in 2008. The organisation grew from "Verschelden Accountancy" into "Moore Stephens Verschelden", then "Moore Stephens Belgium" and finally into the present “Moore Belgium” in 2019.

One thing has remained constant over its entire course. Throughout this whole period, we have always been ‘the company’s companion’ and supported our clients with highly comprehensive practical and advisory service provision.

Besides ensuring organic growth, Frans and his nephews Peter and Bart (Marcel's sons) also invested heavily in inorganic growth between 2008 and 2012. They did this through a range of mergers and takeovers in the fields of Accountancy, Audit and Tax & Legal Advice. International expansion also went hand in hand with this local growth - Andries Verschelden, Frans' son, set up an office in China in 2012.

Following the 2008-2012 expansion in the classical finance business, the organic growth continued, but the company also decided to broaden its service offering to its clients. Due in part to the integration of Winx (Corporate Finance, 2013), X-STRA (advice on strategy and operational excellence, 2013), CFObelux (CFO Services, 2014) and element61 (Business Analytics, 2016), Moore Belgium has a very wide-ranging service offering for today's clients. With 6 business units offering cross-over services, Moore Belgium continues to strengthen its market position and create enduring, innovative and long-term scenarios for its clients.

Moore Belgium is also expanding further internationally. Alongside our own entity in Shanghai, Moore Belgium is part of the wider international Moore network. This means that, as a locally established organisation, we can also help our clients with their plans abroad thanks to this worldwide network.

Moore Belgium, because you deserve nothing less than our full attention and care as a client.

At every step of the way.