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How do I sign publication forms for the Appendices to the Belgian Official Gazette?

Friday 21/08/2020
Hoe onderteken ik publicatieformulieren

Organisations planning to make a change to their governing authority, a transfer of their registered office, an amendment to their articles of association, etc. must draw up appropriate minutes.

In this case the term organisation refers to both a company and an NPO. An extract of the above-mentioned minutes must be published in the Appendices to the Belgian Official Gazette.

For this purpose, forms I and II should be drawn up. The format and content of these forms are largely determined by the requirements of the Companies and Associations Code. Each form has a specific purpose.

Form I consists of three sections:

  • Section A contains the company's invoicing data for the administration of the Belgian Official Gazette ("the order form");
  • Section B contains an extract of the actual text that will be published;
  • Section C will only be drawn up if it relates to the establishment of a company, i.e. if it does not relate to the establishment of a company, Section C will not be drawn up.

Form II is used to indicate the amended parts of the company or association. The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises will be adjusted by the Enterprise Court on the basis thereof.

As the forms will be used as a basis for what will be published in the Belgian Official Gazette, special instructions must be observed with respect to signing the forms.

First and foremost, three copies of both forms I and II should be printed out. Two copies are intended for the Enterprise Court, the third copy is useful if you wish to receive a certificate of deposit. This copy will be returned by the Enterprise Court once the dossier has been processed. It is important to note that the forms must not be printed recto and verso (on both sides).

Section A on Form I ("the order form") does not need to be signed.

Section B on Form I must be signed on the blank page at the back of the form. Signatures on the front page of form B shall not be accepted in order to prevent malpractice in writing - after all, a scanned copy of the form will be published online in the Appendices to the Belgian Official Gazette.

If it relates to the establishment of a company, Section C on Form I must also be signed, on the front page in the section reserved for this purpose.

Form II must be signed on the front of Section C in the section reserved for this purpose. With the exception of the company registration number and current name, only the section to be changed shall be completed on the form.

Please note that forms must be drawn up/completed and signed correctly as the Enterprise Court shall not accept incorrectly completed and/or signed forms and publication shall consequently be prevented.

Publication in the Appendices to the Belgian Official Gazette is not free of charge. The rates vary, i.e. depending on whether it concerns a company or association, incorporation or amendment, and are indexed annually.

Current rates can be consulted via the website of the Belgian Official Gazette.

In 2020, the standard charge is € 166.89 for companies and € 133.58 for associations. Please note that this amount must be paid in advance, in a single deposit. Proof of payment must be submitted, together with the forms, to the authorised Enterprise Court.

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