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NILS Network premiers in Belgium with a new one-stop-solution for support on investigations, litigations and disputes

Friday 02/12/2016
NILS Network

The Network for Investigation and Litigation Support (NILS) is a cooperative association of 17 highly specialized niche offices. Through this collaboration, the founding firms aim to leverage their (niche) expertise and to provide sophisticated support to clients whilst radically simplifying all coordination and billing matters.

Frank Staelens, President of the European Institute of Fraud Auditors (EIFA), and one of the founders of NILS, summarized the idea behind the initiative as follows:

"There is a clear trend among experienced lawyers in certain legal fields to leave the large business law firms and create their own niche firms. This has allowed them to offer more focused services at lower costs for their clients. By becoming a member of NILS, such firms will now find it much easier to support their clients with complex matters that require the input from different areas of expertise and the use of advanced technologies, such as the execution and resolution of investigations, litigations and disputes in full compliance with regulations and best practices. In practice, NILS offers a single point of contact for support coordination, at the right time and with one contract and rate for all. Clients can call upon NILS in a reactive mode and/or to assist with the implementation of preventative measures."

NILS is composed of firms within the fields of legal, forensic audit, risk analysis and cyber security.