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Flamand and MAS Accountancy firms sign on with Moore Belgium

Wednesday 06/01/2021

In August last year Moore Belgium partnered with Waterland with the aim of taking on a leading role in the consolidation of the Belgian accounting, tax, audit and consulting midmarket. In the wake of announcing its first merger with PKF-VMB in mid-December, Moore Belgium is now set to join forces with the Accountancy firms Flamand and MAS.

PRESS RELEASE - 6 January 2021

Independent accounting and consultancy firm Moore Belgium, which has a turnover of 75 million euros and a workforce of around 625 people, entered into a firm partnership in August 2020 with Waterland, with the aim of playing a leading role in the consolidation of the Belgian accounting and consultancy midmarket.

For many years Moore Belgium has been a reliable partner in the small and medium-sized enterprises segment, thanks to the wide range of services it offers in the fields of accountancy, auditing, business analytics, business consulting, corporate finance, interim management and tax & legal services. The company moreover characterises itself through its entrepreneurial spirit, its personal customer-focus and a firm belief in growth, progress and digitisation. 

With that vision and mission as the centrepiece, Moore Belgium found an ideal new partner in the form of Flamand. The latter, a company with a turnover of 3.5 million euros and a 25-strong team, is based in Knokke-Heist. Using their many years of cumulative expertise and the successful combination of the four services that it offers – accountancy, tax, legal and corporate finance – the team, headed by Guy Flamand and his three partners business consultants, provides integral, proactive and personal business support to new companies and established ones alike. That constitutes a great link to both the activities and the approach of Moore Belgium, while it also marks a strategically significant geographical expansion in West Flanders.

The same strategic vision is shared between Moore Belgium and the Vervliet family, owners of Kontich-based MAS, or Management & Administration Services. MAS, which had a turnover of 0.5 million in 2020 and a workforce of five staff members, was founded by Benny Vervliet in 2013 to assist businesses by providing proactive advice based on accounting figures. Under the inspiring leadership of his son, Tim Vervliet, a decision was soon made to tackle digitisation. Combining modern technology with years of experience, the team quickly provides the accurate information their clients require, together with associated advice. Once again, just like Moore Belgium and Flamand, this makes the company the perfect company’s companion in taking on both the large and the small jobs that make all the difference for its clients.

'I am delighted that we can announce these two new collaborative ventures,' said Peter Verschelden, Chairman of Moore Belgium. 'It remains crucial to Moore Belgium to get the right people aboard, ones who adopt the same perspective as us with respect to the rapidly changing market. To us, that shared vision is much more important than company size or the number of staff. Our new colleagues at MAS, led by the Vervliet family, have used their far-reaching digitisation and customer-oriented approach to abundantly demonstrate that they are an ideal fit with our company. We can see the same entrepreneurial spirit at Flamand, and their enthusiastic and experienced team represents the same high-quality, personal and dynamic approach. Standing together, we look forward to taking on the accounting and consulting market.'

'We are full of enthusiasm as we look forward to our partnership with Moore Belgium,' said Guy Flamand, Managing Partner at Flamand. 'The wide range of services they offer allows us to provide to our entrepreneurs, professionals and managers an even better and wider range of services, while further upscaling the quality. This allows us to truly underscore our objective of ‘Your business, our focus’. We believe that this partnership can only benefit clients and staff and provide great future opportunities.'

'In our view, the strategic fit and the complementarity with Moore Belgium was very quickly clear,' said Tim Vervliet, Director of MAS. 'By integrating MAS into a larger body, we are now able to offer a wide range of additional services to our clientele, over and above the services we currently offer. The personal and digital approach will always be a part of us, but now it will be embedded in an established company that will also generate added value in other areas. This partnership enables MAS to tackle, hand-in-hand with Moore Belgium, the fresh challenges we face in a rapidly changing market.'

For Moore Belgium:

  • Peter Verschelden, Chairman Board of Directors

Mail : or mobile phone: 0032 495 53 61 04

  • Hans Cools, CEO

Mail : or mobile phone: 0032 475 83 33 82

About Moore Belgium

Moore Belgium is the largest independent accounting and consulting firm in Belgium, with key centres in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Hasselt and with offices in Shanghai as well as a range of local offices across Flanders. The company's turnover stands at €75 million and it has some 625 staff members. Moore Belgium acts as a company’s companion in supporting the growth of small and medium-sized companies by providing accountancy, auditing, business analytics, business consulting, corporate finance, interim management and tax & legal services. As a member of Moore Global – one of the largest accounting and consulting networks in the world – Moore Belgium also provides support to its clients in over a hundred countries.

Further information on Moore Belgium is available at

About Flamand

Flamand & Partners acts as a business consultant from its Knokke-Heist home base and has been active in the industry for over 30 years. The integrated services it offers in the fields of accountancy, tax, legal and corporate finance means that it not only supports clients during the lifetime of their companies, but also in respect of accruing, maintaining and transferring family wealth. A strong and driven team of 25 people allows them to oversee many entrepreneurs and professionals, day in and day out, so that their businesses stay on track in a financial, accounting and tax sense. Flamand & Partners does all of this in a high-tech and digital manner, using a proactive approach, clear communication and close personal contact. 

About MAS

MAS was established in 2013 by Benny Vervliet. MAS – Management & Administration Services – has an office on Prins Boudewijnlaan in Kontich. Together with his son, Tim Vervliet, Benny has grown MAS into an accountancy firm with an excellent client portfolio in terms of monitoring accounting, tax optimisation, strategic advice, drafting business plans and creating the right financial reports. In 2020 MAS achieved a turnover of half a million euros and it has a five-strong team.