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What measures were taken on 11 April for crucial job workers?

Wednesday 15/04/2020
Welke maatregelen zijn er op 11 april genomen

The government decided on 11 April 2020 that additional measures will be taken to encourage working in crucial jobs. These measures still need to be formalized in regulations in the coming days.

Tax exemption for voluntary overtime

Until 30 June 2020, voluntary overtime (220 hours) in the so-called critical sectors will be exempt from tax.

Temporary unemployed working in horticulture and forestry

The temporarily unemployed can work temporarily in the horticultural and forestry sector in a flexible manner and without loss of income. For example, for a full working day, the employee receives the normal wages for the job performed and 75% of the temporary unemployment benefit.

Simplification of flexible working hours, onsite work and temporary work

A relaxation of flexible working hours, posting and temporary work to facilitate the temporary provision of permanent employees of other companies to employers in “critical” sectors. Mechanisms to protect workers against social dumping, such as the principle of equal pay for equal work, will of course continue to apply.

The neutralization of the working hours of students

Students can strengthen the workforce in critical sectors such as retail or the food sector. Working hours will be neutralized in the second half of 2020, so that they do not count towards the calculation of the quota (475 hours per year).

Short successive fixed-term contracts

In critical sectors, it will be possible to work with short successive fixed-term contracts for a period of three months.

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Last update: 30/04/2020

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