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What subsidy exists in East Flanders for the promotion of innovation and professionalisation?

Friday 03/04/2020
Bevordering van innovatie en professionalisering

Criteria: It must be an innovative thing that contributes to the professionalisation of both knowledge and skills of the consortium.

The subsidy is a maximum of € 20,000 per budget year and the application can be submitted up to and including 30 September of the year preceding the project year.

The following conditions are crucial:

  • a cooperation between at least one enterprise from the regular economy & one enterprise from the social economy.
  • A collaboration on innovation and professionalisation in the social economy.
  • the project manager has legal personality or is recognised as a social economy enterprise by the Flemish Government.
  • The project manager has his/her seat or/and activities in East Flanders and the project will take place on the same territory.
  • the project must be carried out in its entirety.
  • the project ends no later than 31 December of the budget year following the application year.
  • the project has a supra-local, provincial interest/scope, pursues sustainability and contributes to the objectives of the climate plan (2015-2020) of the province.
  • the project manager complies with all obligations arising from previous allocations and the European regulations on state aid.

This subsidy can be combined with another project subsidy as long as the total sum of the support does not exceed the cost of the project.

The application procedure can be submitted via the following application form by e-mail to

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Last update: 30/04/2020

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