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Green and
Advanced Materials
& Manufacturing and Energy


Transitioning to a circular economy is crucial for sustainable growth and reducing reliance on raw materials. As we shift towards renewable energy and electric mobility, there is a growing need for advanced materials. A sustainable supply of raw materials is vital for a green, digital, and climate-neutral economy, which requires a move towards circular, bio-based production processes and increased recycling. The manufacturing industry plays a critical role in driving industrial innovation, job creation, and growth, contributing to Europe's economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

To achieve the European Green Deal's objectives, innovative solutions are needed to secure cleaner, more efficient, and affordable energy. Cleaner and smarter transport, as well as reducing the energy demand of industrial processes and buildings, are also essential. Climate change is a pressing challenge, and the European Union is committed to substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2023 and becoming climate neutral by 2050. This ambitious goal requires increasing Europe's industrial competitiveness, resilience, and prosperity while achieving climate targets.

For this reason, many regional, and national governments as well as the European Commission have a range of grant funding programmes put in place to support and de-risk projects. 

Regional grants in Belgium



In Belgium, various regional programmes are available to support research and innovation. These programmes are managed by organizations such as VLAIO in Flanders, Innoviris in Brussels, and SPW Economie, Emploi et Recherche in Wallonia.

In Flanders, you can also benefit from spearhead clusters innovation networks, that bring together companies, research institutes, and the government to promote cross-sector collaborations in strategic domains. Relevant spearhead clusters include Catalisti, SIM, Flux50, VIL, Flanders' Food and Blue Cluster.

Belgium also participates in Eureka, which offers international cooperation opportunities in research and innovation through Network projects and Eurostars.

European grants



Explore a range of funding opportunities managed by the European Commission or its executive agencies, including its flagship programme Horizon Europe to support cutting-edge concepts and technologies. If you are a highly ambitious SME, consider the EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator programs, which are designed for single applicants.

The EIT Manufacturing, EIT Raw Materials, and EIT Climate Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) of EIT InnoEnergy foster collaborative approaches to drive impactful results. These programs are particularly beneficial for smaller consortiums or individual applicants.

Joint Undertakings such as the Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) and Clean Hydrogen complement the Horizon Europe framework by tackling global challenges in Green and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing and Energy. CBE JU boosts circular bio-based industries in Europe, while Clean Hydrogen supports R&D activities in hydrogen technologies, aiming to accelerate their market introduction and achieve a carbon-clean energy system.

Other European programmes available include the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to help businesses with innovation, entrepreneurship and regional development.

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