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How we assured standardised Supply Chain planning processes

Thursday 28/02/2019
How we assured standardised supply chain planning processes

Customer Challenge: A global biopharmaceutical company was in the process of implementing supply chain planning software and was in need of support to create well-structured training material and documented business processes.


  • We developed TO-BE business processes in collaboration with the responsible business process experts.
  • Moore mapped these processes to the business process framework of the company (based on SCOR principles).
  • We leveraged UAT (user acceptance testing) data to create comprehensive training materials on 3 levels:
    • End-to-end process documentation
    • Presentations for each process to be used for classroom training, including exercises
    • Detailed documents for each process to be consulted while using the planning system
  • We ensured sustained success by organising and facilitating “train the trainer” sessions, i.e. safeguarding rapid future onboarding by educating several key system users.


  • A collection of comprehensive and complete training material to be used both in classroom training and hands-on system training.
  • Key-users who are prepared to give internal trainings to demand and supply planners around the globe.
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