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We believe that innovation is a driving factor in the growth of your organisation. This is exactly why we specialise in how you can renew yourselves as an organisation and how you can find the finances you need for this. We will share in your thinking & ensure that you can achieve your ambitions.Sonja Vancrayenest

Progress through innovation

As an entrepreneur you cannot afford to stand still, but must instead have the ambition to make progress! But how can you do that? What innovations can you put in place to stimulate your company towards new growth? And how can you finance such innovations, which often do not pay for themselves in the short term?

Moore stands ready to assist you in thinking about your vision for innovation and how this can be brought about in practice. We will create a step-by-step plan with you and even carry it out where necessary. And given our extensive knowledge of grants & incentives, naturally we can guide you from A to Z in finding the finances you need for this too. We will devote ourselves to the service of your company as a single team!

M(o)ore than an adviser

You can expect more from our teams than just explanations and advice about innovation and grants & incentives - we will be glad to dedicate ourselves to becoming a real partner in your company.  Brainstorming together, rolling up our sleeves together, … depending on what you need, we can fully adapt ourselves to suit.

So, what exactly do you need?

  • Innovation: how can you draw up an innovation policy? How do you start an innovation project and how do you carry it out effectively? How do you manage such a project? We can offer support that is tailored to what you want to achieve with your company!
  • Grants & Incentives: what grants & incentives are you eligible for? How do you put together a grants & incentives request correctly and when must you submit it? We can steer you through the whole grants & incentives process and ensure extra financial support for your innovation!
  • Project administration: what is the correct way to report on your project? How can you maintain an overview of your project? What about completing declarations? Our advisors can take it all off your hands with the necessary advice, or even training, to give you peace of mind.

We will work together on your file

A grant application is quite complicated. There are several conditions to qualify for. In addition, there are also restrictions with regard to the nature of the activities and associated costs. In addition, your file must meet certain quality requirements, which is tied to your company size. Can you still follow?

Why count on us?

  • Years of experience and well-founded knowledge concerning innovation and grants & incentives
  • Our project ideas are tailored to your company and where you want to go
  • We will gladly take an active role in the thinking, but can always take on a more advisory role - it's up to you
  • Our passion for doing business means we will only suggest the best solutions to you that are a good fit for your organisation
  • Integrated approach with other additional support measures, such as eg tax incentives

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Sonja Vancrayenest

Managing Partner Moore Grants & Incentives

Kelly-Jayne Aylward

Kelly-Jayne Aylward

Managing Partner Moore Grants & Incentives


What our customers say

Moore Belgium: a serious approach with a dose of humour. But they have always helped us help our customers even better.

Johan De Muynck • Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen

Moore Belgium takes a proactive and interactive approach to business - real Service with a capital S, with an emphasis on thinking ahead and on the same wavelength, to avoid as much as possible having to resolve problems later on.

Koen De Smet • Oneliner

For our projects - with the risks and major responsibilities - professional advice is not enough; with the experts at Moore Belgium, you have a feeling of genuine partnership.

Chris Poulissen • Poulissen & Partners Architectenbureau