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Diensten voor business consulting

Smart boots on the ground

To be successful, an organisation needs smooth operations and the right talent to make it happen.

Changing work volumes, the war-for-talent and the temporary need for very specific skills, are some of the reasons why companies turn to us for help. Rely on our expertise in Supply Chain, Finance and IT for operational support in the heart of your company, helping you drive your day-to-day business or staffing your key-projects.  .

We deliver 'smart boots on the ground'.  A dedicated team of operational consultants and business analysts, at your service, for as long as you need our support.

Operational Support

What can you expect from us?

  • Support in Supply Chain planning, S&OP and production scheduling
  • Purchasing professionals and inventory managers
  • Experienced logistics coordinators and customer service experts
  • Business analysts for your business projects and IT projects
  • Hands-on support in audit and compliance work

Each sector has its own dedicated team to provide the assistance you need. Discover our customers.

Our core competencies

Experts in various domains and sectors are at your service. Our core competencies are divided into eight domains. Discover how we can support you.


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Joël Wijns

Joël Wijns

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