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Growth & Organisational Development

Why grants & incentives for growth development?

Do you have plans for growth? With grants & incentives for growth development, you can count on extra support for carrying out your plans. You will be eligible if you:

  • Want to innovate
  • Want to expand your international activities
  • Want to transform your company with new activities

The government will support you with 50% of the cost when purchasing external knowledge (consultancy), or with a maximum of €25,000 when embedding internal knowledge (recruitment). We will be pleased to help you ensure that your grants & incentives dossier is submitted correctly!

Why take grants & incentives for organisational development?

The European Social Fund offers extra grants & incentives for employers wishing to set up projects as part of organisational development. All organisations with a legal personality (including trade unions) situated in the Flanders region are eligible, both profit and social profit. At least, as long as your planned activities run along one of these three lines:

  1. Sustainable careers policy: you want to make jobs in Flanders more workable by introducing a sustainable careers policy at an organisational level
  2. Organising differently: you want to make jobs in Flanders more workable by stimulating organisations to organise themselves differently
  3. At-work training: you want to stimulate training courses at companies in Flanders

The Moore team has proven expertise in requesting such grants & incentives, with a success rate of 95% over the past few years. This means we can share in the thinking around your project and help to shape it. And depending on what you need when putting together your request, we can either take on an advisory role, or take the whole affair off your hands. It's up to you!

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Johan Carton

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