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Global Mobility Services

International rules are not always joined-up, and constantly changing regulation means managing people across multiple countries is never easy. Whatever the challenges or risks you face in navigating complex tax rules and regulations, our Global Mobility team will provide you with the best approach to develop your cross-border employee strategy, evaluate, and minimize your risks and making sure you have a future-proof international workforce.


We possess extensive experience and skills in serving private clients, their businesses, and family offices. We deal with tax and estate planning, tax aspects of investment structuring, ongoing administration and accounting, tax, and regulatory compliance.  


Many questions can arise

International workforce

  • Does the assignment of my employee result in any tax issues abroad?
  • Is there an obligation to report earnings and withhold tax and social security contributions and in which country?
  • Which payroll will I pay my employee from?
  • Does my employee working abroad qualify as a permanent establishment in that country?
  • How do home and host country rules interact? Is there a risk of double taxation?
  • How should I handle the cross border telework?
  • How are benefits and pension schemes treated?
  • What about employment legislation?

Private clients

  • How to ensure compliant treatment of income in the various jurisdictions of family members?
  • What is the best estate planning?
  • Should I invest as a natural person or via a legal entity?


Our services


  • Tax analysis (national & international) and planning (e.g. remuneration, equity, pension)
  • Social security analysis and planning
  • Employment legislation in international situations (including immigration)
  • Assignment cost calculations, planning and budgeting
  • Assignment policy design
  • Assignment letters
  • Avoidance of double payroll withholding
  • Tax equalization / protection


  • Completion of tax returns
  • Arrival and exit consultations for individuals
  • Tax treaty planning and reporting
  • Calculations
  • Cross-border payroll issues
  • Short-term business visitor issues / visitor tracking and compliance
  • International payroll co-coordination
  • Apportionment of share/stock option and local reporting and cross-border pension planning
  • Social security (Request form A1 & certificate of coverage)
  • Immigration (work permit & professional card)
  • Reporting and concessions under domestic legislation

Private clients

  • Tax reporting in the various jurisdictions
  • Tax planning of estate
  • Analysis and structuring of investments

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Luc Lamy

Luc Lamy

Partner Tax & Legal Services

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Alexandre De Munck

Partner Tax & Legal Services