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Guidance throughout the process

The success of a major transformation requires a broad plan of action. People, processes, systems, organisation, etc. Our consultants guide you through this extensive process and take all aspects into account.

They help you define your objectives clearly and unequivocally. Together with you, they create a value-driven portfolio, programme and project management structure and help you with your change management.

Moore offers you guidance and structure to translate business objectives into measurable and achievable sub-objectives, which together form a portfolio. Multiple projects are designed to achieve these objectives. If the number of simultaneous projects becomes too large, we devise one or more programmes to manage them.

With every step of the transformation, we keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that your teams remain committed to the change process in relation to the envisioned/existing corporate culture.

Business Transformation

What can you expect from us?

  • Guiding transformation
  • Blueprint & building processes, organisation and systems
  • Rolling out business and business model
  • Creating cultural change
  • Strengthening leadership

Each sector has its own dedicated team to provide the assistance you need. Discover our customers.

Our core competencies

Experts in various domains and sectors are at your service. Our core competencies are divided into eight domains. Discover how we can support you.

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Joris VandenBerghe

Joris VandenBerghe

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