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Food, Climate,
Environment &
Energy, Transport

Voeding, klimaat, milieu en energie


In the coming years, food production will be vulnerable to the impacts of climate change with water stress and drought becoming more common. In addition, the resilience of our food production and distribution is being challenged, a phenomenon highlighted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have now become highly aware of the interrelations between our ecosystems, Supply Chains and consumption patterns and the natural limitations of our planet.

For companies and organisations that bring the food to us, this is a challenging but exciting time. The rise of new technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as new scientific discoveries and innovation, offer solutions to tackle the global forces affecting the future of food and new business opportunities. Initiatives that focus on sustainable food production and processing will be able to find more support thanks to initiatives such as the Farm to Fork strategy. Companies that invest in finding new levels of food manufacturing efficiencies provide hope for the future of food production.

Climate, Environment & Energy

Climate change, environmental degradation and the growing demand for energy while also reducing emissions are existential threats facing our global society. The European Union aims to be climate neutral by 2050. Reaching this target will require action by all sectors of our economy, including investing in environmentally friendly technologies, renewable energy alternatives, new materials and technologies, energy efficient building solutions, recycling and minimizing waste. Circular economy concepts will stimulate new business models and new services and enable new innovative solutions to allow products and materials to be recycled and reused maximizing their life cycle value.
Successful companies and organisations are the ones who will be able to turn climate change, environment degradation and the energy challenges into commercial opportunities and unlock new paths to economic growth.

Transport, Logistics and Construction

The construction industry is faced with an increased demand for reduced waste material and  efficiency improvements in existing buildings and renovations, driven by a strong focus on energy efficiency, climate change and need for a circular economy. To meet these demands, companies will need to embrace and invest in new technologies

In the transportation sector, all eyes are on making mobility more efficient and environmentally friendly. Traffic congestion and pollution are affecting cities and urban areas all over Europe. At the same time, policy makers want to keep transportation affordable, reliable and accessible. Successful innovators will be able to capitalise on these trends and at the same time develop the mobility solutions of the future.

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