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Paraccount and
Moore join forces

Bert Pardon
Everything is in motion, nothing stands still and together with our team whilst maintaining a focus on improvement we opted for Moore. With Moore we can ‘be there’ even more so as a trusted adviser to our clients.Bert Pardon Bestuurder Paraccount

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From now on Paraccount will operate under the banner of Moore Belgium. Rest assured, your trusted services will be safeguarded. In fact you can look forward to even better services because, trading under the name Moore, we will be able to support your company even better on the road to success and growth.

Moore provides support every step of the way

From the first entrepreneurial idea to a comprehensive growth strategy, you can count on personal guidance and bespoke advice every step of the way.

Moore offers more

An experienced team of experts is at your disposal in various fields: Accountancy, Audit, Business Analytics, Business Consulting, Corporate Finance, Interim Management and Tax & Legal Services.

Moore takes a personal approach

You and your business deserve our full attention and care, which is why you will always have a fixed point of contact. Someone who speaks your language and knows your background, so that you don’t have to repeat your narrative time and again.

Moore is a local company, but we venture out with you

We have adopted a local as well as an international approach. If you are taking major steps and venturing out into new worlds, we will guide you with the same knowledge and dedication.

Moore is your company's companion

We share your thinking processes and help you choose the best way to achieve your plans, projects and dreams. We are here for the big projects and for the small jobs that make a difference to you.

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