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MINT Europe and Qristalfin to come under the Moore Belgium umbrella

Wednesday 07/07/2021
Overname Mint & Qristalfin

In mid-2020 Moore Belgium joined forces with Waterland, giving the firm a leading role in consolidating the Belgian accountancy, tax, audit and consulting mid-market. Now, after a numerous power-boosting mergers towards the end of last year and start of this one, Moore Belgium has added extra muscle in the form of MINT Europe and Qristalfin.

PRESS RELEASE – 7 July 2021

For many years the independent accounting and consulting firm Moore Belgium has been a reliable partner in the small, medium and mid-market enterprises segment, thanks to the wide range of services it offers in the fields of accountancy, auditing, corporate finance, business analytics, business consulting, interim management and tax & legal services. In August 2020 the company, which is anticipating a turnover of 85 million euros this year and employs over 700 people, entered into a solid partnership with Waterland, giving it fresh opportunities for accelerated growth, mergers and acquisitions and ultimately gain a leading position in the Belgian accounting and consulting market in its segment.

With that strategic vision of the future as its focus, Moore Belgium has now gained two new partners, MINT Europe and Qristalfin. Both companies share Moore Belgium's philosophy of the client being the centre of focus, allowing them to share their expertise and help companies to grow, always in close consultation with the client. This conviction is a perfect match to the values of Moore Belgium: entrepreneurship, sharing and innovation.

MINT Europe assists companies to navigate through local and EU grant funding programmes, to identify opportunities for grants, to structure strategic innovation projects and to coordinate and write convincing grant proposals, making them the perfect company’s companion for many companies seeking to grow. They are active in many fields, but the firm has adopted a future-oriented focus on grant funding for innovation issues. MINT Europe currently has offices in Antwerp, Sint-Martens-Latem and Kortrijk and in 2020 its passionate team of 21 people achieved a turnover of 3.3 million euros. With this merger Moore Belgium will strengthen its services in subsidy consultancy, whereby the existing team of subsidy experts will be integrated into the MINT Europe team. Moore Belgium will also gain a new location and office in West Flanders (Kortrijk).

Qristalfin is fluent when it comes to talking business and assists its clients to see the bigger picture behind the numbers, using their financial expertise to build a sound business plan for companies. The firm ensures that accounting and financial analysis are no expense or burden, but in fact have much to offer when it comes to companies growing.  

Especially for start-up and scale-up companies, providing the right financial expertise offers added value for further strategic growth. Qristalfin thus perfectly reinforces Moore Belgium's current services as an experienced business partner with knowledge of business issues for companies in need of financial insights.

With MINT Europe and Qristalfin now becoming a part of Moore Belgium, all three companies have moved forward in an appealing and sustainable manner towards further growth for their union, their clients and their staff. Together they can make all the difference for their clients, whether the job is big or small.

'Once again, I am proud,' said Peter Verschelden, Chairman of Moore Belgium. 'Proud of the fact that we have another two highly experienced partners aboard in the form of MINT Europe and Qristalfin who endorse in full our values of entrepreneurship, sharing and innovation. On the basis of the passion they exhibit daily as they support their clients' growth, they are the perfect company’s companion for their clients, and as of now for Moore Belgium too!'

‘As the reference in grant funding in Belgium, the integration with Moore Belgium marks an important step in the growth path of MINT Europe.’ says Sonja Vancrayenest, CEO of MINT Europe. ‘This new milestone in our MINT story offers a great opportunity for our company, our staff and our customers. We are confident that with the support of this strong group we can realize our ambitions within Europe more quickly. The fit with the corporate vision, strategy and values of Moore Belgium served as a confirmation to us that we can continue providing our customers a personal, high-quality and broader service to support them in their growth. With a shared passion for entrepreneurship, we are looking forward to this partnership with great enthusiasm and full of drive.’

Kelly Aylward, Co-founder, Managing Partner MINT Europe:Over the past 12 years, MINT has become an key player in the niche market of grant funding in Belgium with an increasing participation in European innovation funding programs involving international organizations. The integration with Moore Belgium and its association with Moore Global will enable MINT to accelerate its European strategy. The MINT team has become synonymous with delivering high quality with a customer-oriented and professional approach. MINT and Moore Belgium share a passion for innovation, with focus on the team and the customers. As such, we are convinced that this will be a complementary and successful integration. With the extra boost from Moore Belgium, we want to create even more added value for our ambitious customers and thus contribute further to the Flemish and European economies.’

'The integrated financial service that Qristalfin offers to growth companies met with instant success in the marketplace,' said Nathalie De Ceulaer, Business Manager of Qristalfin. 'But, as a small company we also reached our limits. By joining forces with Moore Belgium we no longer have to say farewell to clients that grow too big and ascend to the international stage, and we can provide them with even better and broader support in their development, as a reliable and pragmatic company's companion.'

About Moore Belgium

Moore Belgium is the largest independent accounting and consulting firm in Belgium, with key centres in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Hasselt, offices in Shanghai and a range of local offices across Flanders. In 2020 the company generated a turnover of €60 million and it has over 500 employees.

As a company's companion, Moore Belgium supports the growth of small, medium and mid-market enterprises by providing accounting, auditing, business analytics, business consulting, corporate finance, interim management and tax & legal services. As a member of Moore Global – one of the largest accounting and consulting networks in the world – Moore Belgium also provides support to its clients in over a hundred countries.

Further information on Moore Belgium is available at

About MINT Europe

As experts in grant funding combined with a deep knowledge of industry, MINT Europe assists companies to acquire grant funding so that they can fulfil high risk innovative projects and create value for themselves and their regions. With a multidisciplinary team of funding experts, all well-versed in science, technology, business and finance, MINT Europe assists companies to navigate through local and EU grant funding programmes and to identify grant opportunities for companies engaged in strategic and innovative projects. MINT also plays a role in structuring and enriching both the content of and the approach to projects, coordinating and writing grant funding applications together with the various stakeholders and managing projects that have received grants.

Further information on MINT Europe is available at

About Qristalfin

Qristalfin focuses on "Finance as a Service" for growth companies in the realms of strategic and funding advice, reporting and controlling, financial planning and budgeting and accounting. This means that companies can have a full-fledged financial department and the associated expertise at their disposal, even though they might still be small with little or no revenue as yet. Qristalfin was founded in 2018 by Nathalie De Ceulaer, who had previously worked as a CFO and financial consultant for a wide range of companies, from fintech scale-ups to family-run SMEs, as well as at the investment fund Fortino Capital.

Further information on Qristalfin is available at