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Ingersoll Rand: improved customer satisfaction and supply reliability with CIMCIL & APICS

Wednesday 14/10/2015

Ingersoll Rand is a global leader in the field of compressors and accessories for air compressor systems. The company has offices, warehouses and customer centres around the world.

Expertise offered by Moore: 

  • APICS Premier Channel Partner (Belgium)
  • First Supply Chain Council partner (SCOR(r)) (Europe)
  • Q*For quality certification

What the client wanted

Ingersoll Rand had a very clear strategic goal in mind: to transform its materials management into a core competency for every employee. A joint and operational platform had to be created in order to achieve that goal, while there was also a need for a standardised best practices guide for the two independent branches within Ingersoll Rand. And finally, there was also room for improvement for a number of significant performance indicators (such as delivery and stock turnover).

Our approach

In order to transform materials management into a core competency for everybody at Ingersoll Rand, APICS provided:

  • a wide framework using the company’s working standards;
  • a Materials Management Playbook;
  • an investment in training and certification;
  • a company policy that encourages materials managers to obtain an APICS certificate in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM).

The result

Starting in 2010, Ingersoll Rand has completely restructured its materials management organisation. The company created a standardised organisational structure and ensured that clear responsibilities were in place. A skills test for all materials managers was also introduced. The end result helped achieve savings of $5,500,000 in respect of worker productivity, while delivery reliability also rose dramatically (by over 96%).

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