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How we delivered a Supply Chain planning system for a pharma company

Thursday 28/02/2019
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A renowned pharmaceutical company needed to integrate changing businesses processes into their supply chain planning system.

Customer challenge

  • The client required support with the upgrade of their supply chain planning system.
  • The customer was convinced that a qualitative planning system plays a vital role in any supply chain, allowing planners to efficiently plan and schedule demand and supply.


  • We followed an Agile Project Management approach (Scrums, Sprints, …).
  • In collaboration with all different business representatives, we identified clear-cut business requirements and translated those in building blocks (User Stories) to compile the new system.
  • We performed detailed testing (e.g. UAT) in order to have a clear view on the compliance of the new system to the pre-defined requirements.
  • We provided successful training to a global planning organisation, including development of manuals and work instructions.


  • Moore supported and facilitated the transition from the ‘old’ to the new planning system.
  • We delivered improved supply chain planning capabilities.
  • There was no disruption, and no impact on existing service levels.
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