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How smoothly does your S&OP run?

Tuesday 25/06/2019

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a very effective way for companies to achieve targeted operational and financial results. Demand & Supply are kept in balance through a cyclical process, in line with the financial plan that the company had proposed. Sales and marketing plans are meticulously checked against production capacity and logistical feasibility. Companies with a well-orchestrated S&OP approach achieve their goals. Their customers are perfectly served. Their market share is increasing, fueled by an efficient supply chain.

But how do you know if your S&OP planning is still top-notch? How is your S&OP doing compared to your competitors? S&OP is the disciplined combination of precisely coordinated planning meetings, technology and culture. It all starts with the right questions:

  • How smooth is your Demand Review process?
  • What is a well-prepared Executive S&OP?
  • Are the right people in the right meetings?
  • What about technology? Is your S&OP process still a monthly clash of spreadsheets?
  • Are the right topics addressed during Supply Review?
  • Is your scenario planning helping you make the right decisions, keeping supply, demand & finance well-balanced…?
  • How do you align S&OP with your financial planning & budgeting?
  • Do your people work as 1 integrated team, with shared objectives?

Moore developed an S&OP approach that helps companies achieve structural results. Our S&OP scan tells you exactly where you are doing fine, and where you are lagging compared to competitors. Together we prepare an action plan and guide you towards an S&OP success!

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